Seppe is a fresh, modern and family-friendly take on a neighborhood pizzeria with comfortable, classic touches and welcoming, laid-back atmosphere free of formal frills.

As a local joint, we’re all about providing our Staten Island community with delicious, high-quality food through inclusive, genuine and excellent service.

We source ingredients locally, where available, and import only the best from Italy such as pasta from our family hometown of Torre Annunziata.



Seppe is the result of generations of Italian-Americans who grew up around kitchen tables enjoying traditional dishes made from cherished family recipes. We aim to honor our values and our roots every day in how we thoughtfully prepare, cook, and serve authentic recipes at an honest and approachable price.

Seppe celebrates the importance of tradition in Italian-American families - and one of the most important traditions of all revolves around spending quality time together enjoying good food and good company.


Opening shop on the bustling Staten Island waterfront, we always aim to serve with a smile and make you feel at home whether you’re a family hungry for some dinner or a larger group thirsty for classic cocktails and nibbles - our pizzeria and bar have been designed to cater for every customer and occasion. All the food-forwardness of New York City with unmistakable Staten Island vibes.

So sit back, leave your worries at the door and know that we will take care of you as you enjoy delicious food prepared with pride by our family, for yours, to be enjoyed family style

Buon Appetito!